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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive anything by mail?
All of our items are delivered digitally - that means that you will be able to instantly download your purchase without having to wait for normal shipping times.
Will your products work in my country?
All of our products will work anywhere - there is no regional limitation. Our Cell Phone Spy Software will work with any carrier/service provider. All of our PC applications will work regardless of the region or country you're in.
Do you provide personalized technical support?
We currently do not provide technical support. Our service team is not trained to specifically offer help on our software products, though you're always welcome to e-mail us with questions.

How will the credit card charge appear on my bill?
The credit card charge will appear as Clubmz.com or just 'E-Spy'.
I need to order discreetly. How do I purchase your Cell Phone Spying product without worrying about credit card statements showing that I purchased from you?
We here at Clubmz.com completely understand your need to be incognito. This is why along with Credit cards & Paypal, we also accept....
Wire Transfer / Local Bank Transfer
Money Order
Pay by Phone / Pay by Fax
Mail / Cheque
For Further Details see our Buy Now Page HERE
(Choose appropriate payment option & follow the instructions at the end)
Once you click "Complete Secure Order" you will be provided with payment instructions on your monitor.
My credit card was declined but I see a pending charge on my card.
With e-commerce transactions, it is very important to take all measures to prevent fraud. At Clubmz.com we take fraud very seriously. One of the measures we take is to use address and card code verification. In order for us to process your credit card, the street number and zip code that you enter on your order must match the information associated with your bank/credit card. When we process the transaction, our gateway has no way to verify this information unless it actually sends a purchase request to your bank. Once your bank receives the request, it provides our gateway with the necessary information to verify the card's information. If the information does not match, we reject the transaction for Text Spy and send a void request to your bank. It is then up to your bank to process the void request for Clubmz e-spy and remove the pending charges. Normally, this takes from 2 - 5 business days, though some banks are slower in processing these voids. In such cases you can always call your bank and ask them to process the void request.